We are the Black Rose Rollers:
Hanover, PA’s very own women’s flat track roller derby league!

The Black Rose Rollers were founded by Kim Underwood (also known as Gogo Tenenbomb) and several of her close friends in May of 2010. To date, the league has grown to include several referees, NSOs, and two teams: the Rotten Cherries and the All-Stars.

In December of 2012, BRR was accepted as a Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby Association Full Member League. BRR is very excited to begin competing at a level of higher caliber and see what the future has in store. Please follow them on their journey towards upper level roller derby and watch as they continue to grow.

Our Mission Statement:

Black Rose Rollers is an all-female roller  derby league who seeks to promote amateur Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby. Through training  and fostering of the sport based on the syllabus set forth by WFTDA, we create  a positive social environment for women, encourage personal growth and  sportsmanship among all members and supporters, and aim to improve and inspire our community and its surrounding areas through these means.

Where is Hanover, PA?

The city of Hanover is located about an hour north of Baltimore, MD and sits just north of the Pennsylvania/Maryland border. Hanover has a very rich history, with much dating back to colonial America and the American Civil War. While mostly known for its production of popular snack foods, there is much more to this small industrial town. Hopefully in the near future, it will also be known for its predominance in the roller derby community!

Why Black Rose?

The city of Hanover, PA is named after a city of the same name in Germany. During the 18th Century, Hannover (German spelling) was under English rule. The English royal family of the House of Hanover (English spelling) would don the Hanover Black Rose insignia to show their royal affiliation.

In 1978, the Hanover Chamber of Commerce adopted the Black Rose as the Pennsylvania city’s own insignia, and thus leading to the nickname of “the Black Rose Community” at present time.