Bacon for Mercy #123

Team: All-Star Charter
Position in real life (Job): Airplane
Position on the track: Mostly a Jammer, but I put in a good effort in blocking too.

When did you start skating with BRR? Did you have any skating experience prior to
joining BRR?
I started skating in the Spring of 2013. I used to skate when I was younger, but I mostly
roller bladed up and down the sidewalk by my house.

What is your athletic background?
I basically tried every sport at least once. I played soccer, tennis, volleyball, basketball,
softball, and attempted gymnastics at one point. In high school, I stuck to tennis and
track and field.


How did you get started in derby?
One of the teachers that I worked with suggested that I join derby to meet new people and
stay in shape. I laughed and told her she was crazy. However, I did show up for fresh
meat night.

What makes you want to play roller derby? What keeps you around with us?
I like the intensity. You forget everything else except for what you are doing during
practices and games. I also enjoy my team. They accept me for who I am.

What do your friends and family think about you playing derby?
They mostly cover their eyes. They support me though.