Mace In Ya Face (#91)

Team: All-Star Charter

What is your favorite part of playing roller derby?

I love learning new things. I enjoy the camaraderie of the sport, meeting new men and women who share the same passion, and befriending skaters of other leagues. I love how empowering this sport is. It’s a unique sport that blows everyone away when you start talking about it. Playing derby has brought me out of my shell and taught me how to be a strong and confident woman on and off the track.

List any previous athletic or club experience.

I was a dancer for about 15 years, was a member of marching band for 6 years, and have been active in yoga for a few years now.

What do you do when you are not skating?

I’m usually skating at skate parks or skating outside, you can find me singing songs and playing guitar with my band once a month or working at the Reader’s Cafe during the week and Something Wicked Brewing Company on the weekends.

Advice for new skaters/young girls?

Advice for young skaters: don’t be afraid to fall. Don’t be afraid to fail. If you think you’re an amazing skater, challenge yourself more. You don’t know everything. You never will. You should constantly be wanting to learn and practice new skills. Skate as often as you possibly can. Wash your dishes on your skates. Skate to your local ice cream shop and skate back home. Skate at a skate park and try something new. Attend other leagues practices. Go to open skate. And mostly, do this sport because YOU want to. Do it for yourself. Learn to grow from every experience you have in your derby career. This may be a team sport but if you are not having fun, do not force yourself to keep enjoying it — move on to a new adventure. But always cherish those feelings and memories you made with your derby family. It’s a truly special thing to have.