Doctor Brew (#1963)

What is your favorite part of being involved with  roller derby?

It’s the only team sport I care about.  It speaks to my inner feminist.  There’s also the DIY, homespun quality.  Let’s not forget that derby is just awesome, period.

List any previous athletic or club experience.

Tae Kwon Do – 2nd degree black belt

What do you do when you are not NSOing?

Not sure how to answer.  This humble derby official tries to help out as much as possible.  Once the season is in full swing, I probably clock in more hours for derby than anything else.

Your future NSO goal?

See, now I just don’t look at that way.  It’s part of my life and like anything else I take it seriously and always find myself learning and growing.  That said, maybe some day I’ll strap on skates and do one of those apex jumps.